Two Lasers, Three Laser Systems

Two lasers—GREEN and RED —and three laser systems—Alignment, Calibration, andVisualization—make Laser Putt™ the most accurate putting aid in golf today!

Perfect Alignment


The GREEN laser lets you visually confirm that you are lined up perfectly every time and allows you to see exactly where the putter makes contact with the ball. You will clearly see if you hit the ball off the toe or heel as well as the amount of your error. You can then make the corrective adjustment… and consistently strike the ball dead center. Learn more about Alignment Calibration 2 for Red Laser page


Whether you’re lining up a 20-foot putt or a two-footer… the length of your backstroke always controls the distance you putt the ball. The longer the putt, the longer the stroke. The RED laser shows you the precise apex of your backstroke, letting you putt with repeatable consistency at any distance. Learn more about Calibration


Visualization 5 Laser Putt™ produces powerful visual images to store in your mind—images of your own putting—that can give you the bold confidence to stand over short putts (2 to 8 feet) and know that you’re going to make them. That’s Laser-it-in-the-Hole confidence! Learn more about Visualization Now see for yourself how the Laser Putt can change your putting game! Buy Now!


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The most accurate putting aid in Golf today!

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